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Salary Calculation

Salary is the monetary value of labor. This price represents a complex economic relationship. However, this complexity does not scare us!

The daily or monthly amount paid by the employer in cash or in kind for the work performed (rendered) by the employee, as well as the sum of allowances, bonuses and other payments to him/her, determined by the employment contract to perform the job function during the relevant working hours, is called salary.

The choice of specific forms and systems of wages for different production conditions, the rules of calculation and application of wages, depending on the quantity and quality of labor expended, is an important part of the organization of labor remuneration. A professional working group of “Finance Consulting and Audit” company undertakes to cope with such important work.



Salary calculation services we will provide you:

  • Salary calculation
  • Ensuring the order of plastic cards for salaries
  • Transfer of salaries to plastic cards
  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to tax departments, State Social Protection Fund, State Statistics Committee, State Employment Fund and other government agencies
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Calculation of time worked - hours, days, weeks
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Cash management
  • Consulting service
  • Establishment of an accounting system
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual regulatory reports
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Bank log report
  • To ensure the development of vocational and cultural education
  • Ensuring the development of employees' ability to work
  • Ensuring that productivity growth outweighs wage growth
  • Organization of payment depending on the quantity and quality of work
  • Achieving an increase in material interest in the results of employees and the activities of the enterprise
  • Payment depending on the quantity and quality of work.
  • Maintaining each employee's salary folder

Long-term and successful cooperation with clients belonging to the elite of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the basis of the trust gained by “Finance Consulting and Audit” Company. The guarantor of this cooperation is our professionalism, responsibility and ethics of our team.


With many years of experience, our specialists solve any task in the most optimal way.


We create a comfortable environment for work control by reporting to you at all stages of your work.

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