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Consulting and Business Organization

The result of consulting and business organization is the provision of theoretical advice and the application of specific solutions to customer problems. And we get the highest result in this work!

An individual approach to each client and adequate response to its requirements has allowed us to gain the trust of a large number of companies and enterprises in various economic sectors. The list of our clients includes representatives of various business areas and types of property. True success in business never comes by chance. Long-term success can only be achieved through constant use of effective management. We can be relevant to it.

 Finance Consulting and Audit specializes in accounting, auditing, law, taxation, etc. offers consulting services in the fields. When faced with any problem, instead of wasting days thinking about it, it is better to turn to Finance Consulting and Audit and use the experience of our professional working group. Because our company is able to answer questions in the field of finance and solve the most problematic issues.



Consulting and business organization services we will provide you:

  • Consulting in accordance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Consulting in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Consulting on the basis of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Taxation
  • Application of BMUS (International Accounting Standards)
  • Management accounting, cost management
  • Financing and budgeting
  • Restructuring of the enterprise
  • Corporate governance
  • Consultation of individuals and legal entities on tax calculation and payment
  • Market segment analysis
  • Financial management consulting
  • Advice on customs legislation
  • Contact with customs authorities
  • Management strategies
  • Tariff policy
  • Organization of internal control
  • Organization of document circulation and enterprise information flows
  • Monitoring of changes in tax legislation
  • Planning the taxation process for companies with simple and special tax regimes
  • Tax payment optimization
  • Relevant feedback on investment projects
  • Preparation and verification of contracts and other legal documents
  • Information support
  • Organization of the main characteristics of business entities
  • Identification of external environmental factors of the business
  • Determining the internal environmental factors of the business
  • Establishment of organizational and legal forms of business
  • Achieving growth dynamics in business development
  • Ensuring business security
  • Development of business concept
  • Different strategic approaches to business development
  • Defining the socio-psychological aspects of business
  • Organization of state regulation of business
  • Choosing the organizational structure of the business
  • Organization of business plan functions
  • Establishment of a target-system in business management
  • Risk management in business
  • Organization of franchising business
  • Formation of a managerial group
  • Human resource management system
  • Training and selection of business personnel
  • Preparation of an employment contract
  • Increase income and profitability
  • Support for starting a business
  • Business planning and consulting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Cash management
  • Consulting service

The basis of the trust gained by Finance Consulting and Audit is a long-term and successful cooperation with the elite clients of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The guarantee of this cooperation is our professionalism, responsibility and ethics of our team.


With many years of experience, our specialists solve any task in the most optimal way.


We create a comfortable environment for work control by reporting to you at all stages of your work.

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