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About us


We take care of you

Every customer, entrepreneur, every entrepreneur is the pearl of our economy!

We take you to the top

Every entrepreneur who chooses us deserves to be at the top. Stay on top with us!

High level service

Choose us to keep up with the rapidly changing market conjecture!

Grow fast

Choose us to keep up with the rapidly changing market conjecture!

Business compatibility

Determine with us in which direction your business will be more successful!

Positive growth dynamics

Get your positive growth dynamics with our professional and experienced staff!

Success Story

More than 30 years of experience in auditing, accounting and other fields of the professional staff and management of “Finance Consulting and Audit” Company have made us one of the leaders in this field.

We are pleased to have made a positive impact on the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and our customers every day since our inception! Our main priority is to provide the highest level of service to every entrepreneur who will have a positive impact on our national economy. Today, as “Finance Consulting and Audit”, we have taken positive steps towards our priorities, taken a leading position in the financial market and proved our ability to work professionally. Currently, the company “Finance Consulting and Audit” is one of the leading financial companies providing services in the fields of auditing, accounting, taxation, law, management, business organization, etc. of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Advantages of Finance Consulting and Audit” Company:

  • More than 30 years of experience in the fields of audit, accounting, tax, law, management, business organization, etc.
  • High, professional, prompt service, adequate problem solving measures and reasonable price scale
  • Satisfied customers and a reputable reputation
  • The concept of an individual approach to each client

Timely Service

We provide you with the highest services in finance and other matters. Save your time and budget by entrusting your business to us!

Professional Team

We are ready to share our work experience of more than 20 years in a way that will be useful to you!

Analysis Of Your Business

Determine which direction will be useful in business with our analysis!

We have proven
our quality!

  • Professional service!
  • Ensuring sustainable development!
  • Thousands of satisfied customers!
  • Positive results!
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